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"When I initially started looking for a therapist, I thought I would go to a series of first sessions and end up frustrated or disheartened. Sarah was the first I tried, and the search ended there. She is warm and genuine and has made me feel so validated, while still asking thought-provoking questions. I always feel better after talking with her than how I did earlier that day, and I know that is because she is such a positive soul."


"Sarah is one of the best counselors I've worked with. She is a genuinely kind and helpful being. Not only does she possess positive personality qualities, but she also uses her intellect and intuition to guide you. When you are sifting through unresolved feelings and have hopes about the future of your life, it is very personal. Having gone through this sensitive process with someone like Sarah who is just as invested as I was, is very rewarding! She is so supportive and lovingly helped me through the journey of finding myself again."


"I am extremely grateful for making the decision to start seeing Sarah for regular therapy. In a little under a year, she has greatly helped facilitate my recovery from PTSD and depression. She has done this not only through guidance, but also by example. I attribute the new person I am today, and the desire to be healthier to the work we have done in our sessions. I am forever changed."

"Sarah's ability to see people for who they really are, hold space, and remind folks about what self love and grace look like is second to none. She gently modeled what it would feel like if I started treating myself with understanding the way that she treated me. She knows exactly how to hold a flashlight so I can see parts of the map that I was missing on my own."

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