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"No one in this world was ever you before,

with your particular gifts and abilities and possibilities." 

-Joseph Campbell

I provide both therapy and life coaching services. Our meetings can be in person, by video, or by phone. There is considerable overlap between coaching and therapy, and we can determine which track is best for you during our first meeting. I offer a free 20-minute consultation call to see if we are a good fit.


Therapy begins by discussing the immediate catalyst for seeking help and assessing the acuteness of your suffering. This will show us where to focus our attention. We will gather background information, key events in your personal timeline, lingering traumas, and negative self-beliefs. We’ll also explore what happiness looks like for you, identifying the internal barriers that are in the way. Therapy works through your entire timeline, and the first step to healing is letting your story be heard in a compassionate, safe space. Then, we’ll work to reclaim your narrative in a way that feels empowering. Together, we will work to heal wounds from the past, find joy in the present, and develop strategies for future happiness.

Life Coaching

Coaching tends to be more present and future-focused than therapy. We’ll stretch your imagination to your grandest ideas of happiness and fulfillment, then create manageable goals toward this vision. Coaching is highly collaborative--we will brainstorm action steps and discuss your progress each week. I’m here to hold you accountable, mirror back your unique strengths, and help you manifest the life of your dreams. Coaching works best when there is a foundation of stability to springboard off of. While we will primarily be working on the life you want to create, we may go backwards to identify negative beliefs blocking you from fulfilling your potential.

Areas of Interest

Existential Inquiry, Self-compassion,  Discovering Callings, Life Transitions, Awakening Creativity, Contemplative Practices, Spiritual Guidance, Career Changes, Aligning with Values, Energy Work, Reframing your Narrative, Finding your Path, Individuation, The Hero's Journey, Women's Empowerment, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Body Image, Eating Disorders, LGBTQ, Addiction, Relationship Issues


$125 per 60 minute session. Sliding scale available.

Insurance currently not accepted. 

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